About us

Nowadays all the citizens –or at least a great majority– have personally experienced the huge collapse in some courts of our country when it comes to resolving a conflict, not to mention the serious economic impacts and moral damages it causes.

In order to solve all those conflicts submitted to arbitration both at national and international level, an initiative has come into being within the Confederación de Empresarios de Ferrolterra, Eume y Ortegal to create an Arbitration Court as a powerful driving force in the commercial relations as well as a support in the internationalisation of companies.

For that reason, the Cofer’s Managing Board proposed its creation to be in charge of resolving conflicts and to offer an extra service to the companies and to the citizens.

On 14th October, 2009 the Meeting approved its Bylaws, the System of Internal Rules and Regulations and the members making it up.

On 9th November, 2009 the Constitutive Meeting of the Arbitration Court was held and the members of the Standing Committee were elected.

  • Presidente: D. Jaime Concheiro del Río.
  • Vicepresidente: D. Jaime Rodríguez-Arana Muñoz.
  • Secretario: D. Jesús Oroza Alonso.

At that moment, it was officially constituted.
The Northwestern Arbitration Court, is at the service of society and the companies for the resolution of all those conflicts entrusted to it.